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Things to consider before travelling to Malta - Covid-19.

Update 03 April 2021 | Gattaldo

Malta is expecting to welcome tourists by the beginning of June. The prospect of a holiday break in the island of sun, sea and history appeals to many so I've done some research groundwork as though I was planning to travel from London to Malta in June. I hope you find it helpful but please make sure to supplement it with your own research.

The UK is my departure point so some of this might not apply to you. The UK is currently on the red list and the British can't travel out without a valid reason. The UK prime minister signalled that recreational international travel can restart from 17 May at the earliest so I'm aiming for June. I cannot vouch for all the information here as it is based on other sources online and because the situation can change from one day to the other.

Booking a flight

There are plenty of airlines operating already. Go to your favourite airline and check if they're flying. Prices will vary considerably at this stage so do your research before booking. Although there's already been a flurry of bookings (having the effect of hiking up the price) a Travel-Supermarket commentator The Guardian, made the observation that since many British have decided to opt for a staycation, it may actually be cheaper to book a holiday abroad.

Historic holiday accommodation in Malta

Indulgence Divine

Booking the right accommodation

Clearly it's in my interest to recommend booking your stay at our self catering accommodation Indulgence Divine, but there are obvious advantages to booking a self-catering over a hotel. To start off with, you do not have to contend with common areas where there could be a higher risk of coming into contact with others and therefore with the virus. Once you close the door to your contained house, you won't meet anyone. Everything is contained within.

It's also worth mentioning that all accommodations in Malta, whether they're hotels or self-catering, have had to sign to the same stringent cleaning protocols given to them by the Tourism Authority.

We at Indulgence Divine have been getting ready and up to date with all the regulation protocols required to make our accommodation as welcome and safe as possible for our guests (See previous blogpost below).

What to pack during pandemic

1. Masks (cloth ones will do but get a couple of them. Wash them regularly in hot water and soap)
2. Hand sanitizers*
3. Disinfectant spray (70% alcohol)*
4. Personal water bottle*
5. Hand soap*

• Indulgence Divine provides you with some of these inside the house but you'll still need a personal 100ml portable version of hand sanitiser and disinfectant spray to travel with and keep in your hand luggage.

Think of protecting your health and take with you any supplements which could strengthen your immune system. It's a good idea to start taking them ahead of your holiday. Try extract from fresh echinacea purpurea in tablet form and Vitamin D.

Pack for a longer stay than the one you're actually staying for. Think of the worst possible scenario of catching the virus on your travels and having to stay for an extra 2 weeks away from home. Better safe than sorry.


Currently, travellers arriving from countries on the ‘Amber List' are required to submit a negative COVID-19 PCR test certificate before boarding flights to Malta. The swab test should be carried out within the previous 72 hours. Those arriving from countries on the 'Red List' must have spent at least the previous 14 days in one of the safe corridor countries before reaching Malta. It is also recommended that these passengers undertake a PCR test within 72 hours prior to arrival. As regards quarantining when you return home, please check your country's regulations.

Malta International Airport has implemented social distancing. Technologies have been introduced which alert airport officials in real-time if social distancing is not maintained by passengers. Other technologies enable you to scan your passport and boarding pass at check-in on your return, and detect passengers with high temperature.

The airport's cleaning and disinfection schedules have been aligned to the recommendations of the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC).

You'll find touchless facilities in washrooms and sanitising stations with alcohol-based rub around the terminal.

Remember that only people with a ticket are allowed inside the airport. Some outlets within the airport are still available to travellers. You will be expected to pay with card or phone (no cash).

Airport to accommodation

Unless you're picking up your rental car, we would recommend you take a taxi to your accommodation. We can arrange for one to be waiting for you if you're staying at Indulgence Divine. Just inform us at booking stage.


Although public transport has been doing a great job and is following the safety protocols on cleaning and distancing, I would recommend spending some more and renting a car. Choose a reputable rental company and make sure they have taken all the necessary steps to clean and disinfect your car. This means you can explore the less touristy, and therefore less crowded, places around the island.

An open 4 wheel drive on road on cliffs

Renting a car is a good idea - photo Michal Ampula

Social distancing applies in Malta as it does elsewhere so you should always leave a distance of 2 meters from others. Currently the maximum number of persons who may gather in public places are two. The measure does not apply to persons who live in the same household.

Museums and tourist sites, non-essential shops, gyms, hairdressers, swimming pools, restaurants, snack bars and bars will be closed until at least 11 April 2021. Only takeaway service is allowed at the moment.

You can take away and sit on a bench outside. That's what's lovely about an island generous with the sun. As you know, it's much safer outside than in when it comes to the virus.

Young woman walking down road

Discovering the city on foot - photo Florian Weichelt

Masks are mandatory in shops, and anywhere that's indoors but also outside. Always wear a mask as you will be required to wear it both indoors and outdoors. Remember the mask is there to protect others as a matter of courtesy.

Expect to follow social distancing rules on beaches as well. Like everywhere else, you might also meet those who have a disdain for rules and might invade your space. Lifeguards have been introduced in some of the beaches across the island and beach supervisors are patrolling beaches to see to it that rules are adhered to.

The following beaches in Malta were promised lifeguards: Ġnejna Bay, Għajn Tuffieħa Bay, Golden Bay, Għadira Bay, Buġibba, Qawra point, St George’s Bay (St Julian's), Balluta Bay, Fond Għadir, Fajtata Bay, Pretty Bay, St George’s Bay (Birżebbuġa) and in Gozo: Ramla Bay, Marsalforn, Xlendi, Mġarr ix-Xini and Ħondoq ir-Rummien.

It may seem idyllic when you find a beach/bay with no swimmers, all to yourself, but the reason might be that there are strong currents so always check with locals if it's safe to swim (The Maltese in general love to be approached for information). Even the lovely Mediterranean sea can be treacherous. If you want the place to yourself, a little tip is to try early dawn or after 5pm during the week.

Risks and travel insurance

Almost all travel insurance policies currently on offer specifically exclude Covid-19-related claims for cancellation and curtailment. Some cover solely the medical expenses if you catch the virus abroad (try and find one which does) but they most probably wouldn't pay for accommodation if you're forced to spend 14 days in lockdown or missed your flight home.

It is important to choose an accommodation which gives you the opportunity to reschedule your stay (such as Indulgence Divine does) if you are forced to cancel your stay due to change in official Covid-19-related policies.

According to EU consumer rights regulations (ie. if you're travelling between two EU countries), airlines cancelling flights have the obligation - in all cases - to offer passengers the following options:
either a refund, re-routing at the earliest convenience or re-routing at a later date, chosen by the passenger.

For advice if you're flying from Britain have a read of the UK's Civil Aviation Authority page. In principle, if your flight has been cancelled, then your airline should offer you the choice of a full refund or alternative flights.

Indulgence Divine

Bookings have already started to flow and we are looking forward to welcome our first guests after this weird time of reflection.

Malta to welcome vaccinated British travellers from 1 June

Update 03 Apr 2021 | Gattaldo

British travellers who can show proof of full vaccination* received at least ten days before arriving in the country will not need to provide a negative PCR test certificate.

As the UK government announces trials of a series of measures in England, including Covid passports, to allow the safe return of sports matches, events and night clubs, Clayton Bartolo, Malta's Minister for Tourism has announced that Malta will welcome British travellers with proof of full vaccination.

Malta is a very popular destination for British holidaymakers and the UK and Malta have the highest COVID-19 vaccination rate in Europe, so it follows that Malta would be looking at the UK market first.

Forty percent of the adult Maltese population have received their first dose, following the UK's 50.85% vaccination rate.

The number of fully vaccinated people in the UK - those who have received both doses - has now passed 5 million. That's 9.9 percent of UK adults. This would mean that the over-55s would be possible candidates for travel by mid-June without need to take a PCR test if they've taken the offer of vaccination as soon as it became available.

*A full vaccination is both doses of a Coronavirus vaccine, received at least ten days before arriving in Malta

Malta sea

Sunset by the sea

We're re-opening from 1st June 2021

03 Apr 2021 | Gattaldo

Malta plans to welcome leisure travellers in June.

We're very excited about opening Indulgence Divine again on 1 June 2021. There's plenty to do to make sure we're ready and up to date with all the regulation protocols required to make our accommodation as welcome and safe as possible for our guests.

We've had plenty of zoom meetings with our housekeeper to plan the re-opening and we're going to give you a great welcome. We've gone over the cleaning so as to be extra vigilant and we have also introduced a one day gap between visits which means we now have a minimum 31 hour gap between each stay. This not only gives us ample time to clean but gives any trace of the virus to die before new guests arrive.

The great thing about a self-catering place is that any contact with us is remote, making it safer than a hotel with its shared spaces. You won't have to share anything with anyone once you're in through the main door.

We look forward to your bookings and we will try to keep you posted as things change.

Sitting room

Our accommodation - Indulgence Divine - ready to go

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