“The pace is slow, the people are friendly and the area itself is unashamedly authentic.”

Vittoriosa & Valletta’s history

When staying at our holiday accommodation on the island of Malta, you’ll be following in the steps of the maritime Knights of St John who were drawn to a settlement at the time known as Birgu right next to the Grand Harbour. The Knights adopted the town, fortifying and embellishing it. Following their victory in the Great Siege of 1565, the town was bestowed with the name Vittoriosa (victorious) an the knights went on to build the new town of Valletta.

Indulgence Divine's location - Vittoriosa - makes for a more grown-up experience. It appeals to those interested in history, cafes, restaurants, wine bars and the local way of life. Vittoriosa is a pleasant 10 minute ferry journey from the capital city of Valletta, making it an ideal base to discover the island from.

Right on your doorstep

Here's the position of Indulgence Divine on the map and below it a few choice places of interest and some established events, all within a short distance from our holiday rental.

Black and white picture of a winding lane with elaborate dorrways

Winding lanes of history

Wander through the narrow winding streets of the old part of this city - the Collachio where our rental is nestled. The streets have witnessed history & survived to tell the tale.

On your doorstep, Vittoriosa | Photo by MHH

The marina with the town in the background

Birgu Marina

The Birgu waterfront with its exclusive yacht marina offers a picturesque area for dining al fresco & views of the Grand Harbour. Restaurants and cafes.

10 min walk, Vittoriosa Waterfront

One of the lanes lit up by candles in the night

Vittoriosa by candlelight / Birgufest

Vittoriosa celebrates the month of October with a weekend of events called BirguFest. On Saturday evening the town is imbued with the light from thousands of candles. 

On your doorstep, Vittoriosa | 09 to 10 October | More information

One of the exhibition rooms within the Inquisitor's Palace

Inquisitor's Palace

The seat of the Maltese Inquisition from 1574 to 1798. It now houses the National Museum of Ethnography.and exhibits relating to the Inquisition. Look out for the graffiti on cell walls.

1 min walk, Triq il-Palazz ta' L-Isqof, Vittoriosa | More information

Exhibits in glass containers in the Maritime Museum

Maritime Museum

Built in the 1840s as the main bakery for the Mediterranean Fleet of the British Royal Navy, this building now houses Malta's Maritime Museum. Currently closed for maintanance.

7 min walk, Vittoriosa Waterfront | T. 2166 0052 | More information

The sunlit fortifications with a blue sky in background

Fort St Angelo

This jewel in the crown of the islands has played a vital role in the Great Siege of 1565. Recently restored and reopened to the public with information presented in various media.

14 min walk, at the tip of the Vittoriosa peninsula | More information

Young rowers on a traditional white and blu rowing boat with Bormla written on the side

Dock 1

A lovely walk along the newly landscaped Dock 1 which spreads on the shores of the Three Cities. Used since the Romans as a harbour, now more likely used as a practice spot for the regatta.

10 min walk, Dock 1, Bormla waterfront

An atmospherically lit internal space within the underground site.

The Hypogeum

The Hal Saflieni Hypogeum is an underground prehistoric burial site, dating back to about 4000 BC. The complex was used over a span of many centuries, up to c. 2500 BC.

20 min bus journey | Burial St., Paola | More information

animated picture of boats in the marina

Getting to Valletta

There are 3 different bus services which get you there or you can call a cab. The quickest way is by water taxi or ferry (approx 15 mins), both of which depart from the waterfront.

Buses No. 2, 3 & 4 | Water taxi or ferry from waterfront | Cab Service

Baroque Malta

St John's Co Cathedral

The Grand Masters & knights contributed to enrich their conventual church with the best works of art and to make this one of the most fabulous of Baroque churches.

20 min ferry & walk| St John's St., Valletta | More information

The shelter cut from rock, a long corridor lit by bulbs with benches on the side

Malta at War Museum

Housed in an 18th century army barracks and underground rock-cut air raid shelter, this museum boasts a collection of artifacts, memorabilia, medals, uniforms & weaponry.

4 min walk, Couvre Porte, Vittoriosa | T. 2189 6617| More information


Valletta Contemporary

A spacious gallery space in Valletta for contemporary art. An interactive centre where culture is the subject of perpetual discussion.

15,16,17 East Street, Valletta | More information

A high ceilinged sparsely furnished room with one window

Norman House

This private house, parts of which date to the 13th century has been meticulously restored by its owner and is at times open to the public. Notice its 15th century Norman window.

2 min walk| Triq it-Tramuntana, Vittoriosa

Palazzo Falson courtyard with fountain

Palazzo Falson

Do visit this historic house museum, and its extraordinary collection of art and antiques (inc. paintings, furniture, silver, armour, jewellery, coins, etc.)

30 min by car | Villegaignon St., Mdina | More information

The dining room with long table set with silverware

Casa Rocca Piccola

This private house, parts of which date to the 13th century has been meticulously restored by its owner and is at times open to the public. Notice its 15th century Norman window.

20 min by ferry & walk | 74 Republic St., Valletta | More info

Vegetable seller carrying box and smiling at camera


Just outside of the fortification walls is a good size market selling veg, fish and more on Tuesday morning, a flea market on Sunday morning and a farmers' market on Saturday morning.

10 min walk | Saturdays, Sundays and Tuesdays | Fortini, Vittoriosa

A watercolour illustration of the town square with statue on plinth in the centre and stone buildings around it

Birgu Main Square

The noisy hub of Birgu where the locals congregate. Plenty of cafes where to take your morning coffee out in the sun while watching the world go by. Try Bebirgu set in a beautiful historic building.

4 min walk| Misrah ir-Rebha, Vittoriosa

Doors to the museum and church

St Joseph's Oratory

Quirky museum open weekdays 10am to noon. Amongst exhibits related to local history, one can find La Valette's sword and hat. Look out for the beautiful set of 1609 playing cards.

4 min walk | By St Lawrence Church, Vittoriosa

The parliament building made up of two massive blocks in stone, balanced on slender columns. The stone cladded surface is sculpted as though eroded by the elements to form windows through which light emanates.

Renzo Piano's Parliament building

Valletta's new entrance by renowned architect Renzo Piano is at once majestic & restrained. The parliament facade has been sculpted like Maltese stone eroded by the elements.

20 min ferry & walk| Valletta | Photo Cyril Sancereau

Sunset at beach

Swimming in the clear sea of Malta

Plenty of options: For best sandy beaches go West. Locals go as close as Kalkara (15 min walk) to swim. Our favourite is St Peter's Pool, close to Marsaxlokk.

You're surrounded by the sea.

The Sleeping Goddess statuette

National Museum of Archeology

Spectacular range of artefacts from Malta’s Neolithic period (5000 BC) up to the Phoenician Period (400 BC). Highlights include the ‘Sleeping Lady’, the ‘Venus of Malta’.

20 min ferry & walk| Auberge de Provence, Republic St., Valletta | Photo Cyril Sancereau

Sculpture and painting in background


The National Community Art Museum exhibiting old masters with contemporary artworks, groups artworks and objects in ways similar to contemporary art installations.

20 min ferry & walk| Auberge d'Italie, Merchants Street, Valletta | More info

Fort St Elmo, Valletta

Fort St Elmo

Visitors at Fort St Elmo can experience the impressive grounds of the fort, including the splendid architecture of the two chapels dedicated to St Anne.

25 min ferry & walk| Valletta | Photo credit Francesco Lo Porto | More info

An old open Jeep in olive colour exhibited in the museum

Malta National War Museum

The National War Museum, divided into 7 sections, covers 7,000 years of  Military History from Bronze Age to Malta's EU accession. The Second World War is the most represented conflict.

25 min ferry & walk| Fort St Elmo, Valletta | Photo credit Vfrphil | More info

Marsaxlokk fishing village

Marsaxlokk Fishing Village

Go there for a lovely fish meal during the week in this quaint fishing village or visit the daily market in the morning and on Sunday. Evening meal outside by the sea - pure magic.

Bus 2, 3 from house and change to bus 81, 82| Waterfront, Marsaxlokk

The Chinese Garden in daylight with water in the foreground

The Chinese Garden of Serenity

Four gardens make up a layout symbolising the journey of life, embracing the Yin and Yang philosophy. A quiet space to be alone with one's thoughts away from the noisy traffic.

25 min bus journey | Triq Katerina Vitale, Santa Lucia

"The location is beautiful and makes getting around very easy."

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