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Caravaggio arrives in Malta in Milo Manara's - Caravaggio - La Grazia

Caravaggio's back

26 March 2019 | Gattaldo

If the artist's story wasn't racy enough for you, erotic cartoonist Milo Manara retells it through his beautiful illustrations.

This feels like a wet dream to me - two artists I love, gathered in one project. Milo Manara has just published the second of two volumes on the life story of Michelangelo Merisi, better known as Caravaggio.

The second volume includes the last 6 years of Caravaggio's life, including his stay in Malta where he was ordained as a Knight of the Order. The Grandmaster saved Caravaggio from a death sentence after he had killed someone in Rome. In exchange, the Order got several paintings from this master of Art, the most famous being the Beheading of St John now at the coCathedral in Valletta.

Manara's first book in the series Caravaggio Volume 1 is available through Amazon. The second volume is not available in English as yet. I've ordered my first and can't wait to read through it before putting it in the Indulgence Divine library to share with our guests. I shall keep you posted as to when the second volume becomes available.

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