The Maltese islands in the middle of the Mediterranean sea have held a particular appeal to many a traveller. "I never failed... to wonder how so dry and barren a rock can produce such refreshment and so much game" was how one 17th century Frenchman expressed his enthusiasm for the islands. Others such as the present Queen of England has fond memories of the place having briefly lived there with Prince Philip before she was crowned. Benjamin Disraeli referred to its capital city as the city "built by gentlemen for gentlemen".

Malta's rich history provides the traveller with so much more than the tantalising mediterranean sun and sea. The island measures just 316km², but it is generous with those interested in history and culture. Malta contains some of the greatest structures of prehistory as well as the stunning fortress city of Valletta.

The Islands
Valletta G-House

A small town house on three floors linked by a stone staircase, a pleasant surprise behind an unassuming facade. The hung washing in the street implies a modest and candid part of town not as yet impacted by tourism. A couple of beautiful features within the house suggest this was part of a much larger rich merchant's house. Beautifully refurbished, this 16th C house is now available as a self-catering holiday pad for two.

Close to the Inquisitor's Palace in the once reserved Collacchio area, a 450 yr old house still stands proudly to tell the town's story of knights, merchant ships and of a great siege won with the powerful Ottoman Empire. This boutique self-catering accommodation for two has its own private roof terrace where summer evenings can be enjoyed along with a glass of wine. Old graffiti of ships with sails and oars can be noticed on the bedroom (ex-house chapel) walls.

Indulgence Divine
General Information
Knowing what to expect of your accommodation in Malta before you book your holiday is important. Self-catering accommodation provides the equipment for guests to prepare their own meals. This makes the stay more economical and affords you more independence than a hotel does. In other words, you'll need to prepare your own breakfast but you can do it at any time you wish. Most self-catering accommodation will also expect you take the responsability for cleaning and servicing their accommodation.
Malta Houses of Character
Old Maltese stone houses are full of character and staying in one can be a lovely experience as long as you are prepared for it. The character is in a place's 'imperfections', the irregularly sized stairs, the faded tiles, as well as in the period features such as the wooden beams, the stone arches and the architectural flourishes. The beauty is also in its lived in feel. You also need to be aware that certain compromises are in order with the refurbishment of a listed building. If uniformity is vital to you, this might not be the right option.
What is Self-catering?

Holiday accommodation in Malta

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